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Our English writing and editing services help you succeed.

The professional writing, editing, and proofreading services at Editor World help writers in Cyprus confidently present any type of document written in English. We guarantee that each document you submit for editing will be clear, professional, and error-free. As a top writing, editing, and proofreading services provider, Editor World helps individuals, businesses, and organizations with a wide range of documents. At Editor World, you choose your own writer or editor and communicate openly with your editor throughout the editing process. Our prices for writing, rewriting, and editing and proofreading services are transparent, and we provide instant quotes in our price calculator. We only hire expert writers and editors who are native English speakers, pass a stringent exam, and have experience providing writing, editing, and proofreading services.




How can our writing and proofreading services help you?

As a premier English writing, editing, and proofreading services company, Editor World can help you perfect every document imaginable, whether it is an academic, business, personal, or other type of document. Our professional editing services give you confidence that your documents are presented professionally and are free of errors. At Editor World, we offer fast, affordable writing, editing, and proofreading services without sacrificing quality. We also strive to provide exceptional customer service for all clients.


  • The professional writing, editing, and proofreading services provided by Editor World are used by English speakers in Cyprus, Europe, and around the world. We assist writers with revising their fiction and nonfiction books, articles, manuscripts, business documents, and personal documents. At Editor World, we provide fast, affordable editing services with a focus on quality, and aim to leave our clients 100% satisfied.
  • Professors, associate professors, assistant professors, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students, and other students at the University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, and other universities in Cyprus and Europe look to Editor World for quality academic editing and proofreading services. We provide professional editing services for manuscripts, journal articles, research papers, books, and other academic documents. Editor World’s academic editors are experts at providing editing services for academic faculty. We also provide academic proofreading services at discounted rates. Our professional writers provide academic rewriting services as well as paraphrasing services.
  • If you speak Greek, Turkish, German, Italian, French, or another language as a first language, let us help get your English documents into their final, presentable form. The English writing and editing services at Editor World have been used by clients in more than 50 countries around the world, including Cyprus.
  • Are you an entrepreneur starting a business, a business owner looking for clients, or a professional looking for a job? You can count on Editor World to edit and proofread all your important documents. The business editors at Editor World love to perfect business plans, proposals, marketing materials, and other types of business documents. Professionals in Cyprus, from Paphos to Nicosia, use Editor World’s professional editing services to improve their business documents. Businesses that need to create content use our professional writing services.


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Writing, editing, and proofreading services preferred around the world.

We test each editor’s editing and proofreading skills before we hire them. We also verify each editor’s credentials to give you confidence that the editor you select has the editing and proofreading skills you need. We find it crucial that the editors we hire be reliable and meet our quality standards. Many of our editors have been working for Editor World since we started offering onlineediting and proofreading services in 2010.

The editors and proofreaders at Editor World have an average of 15 years’ experience providing editing and proofreading services. Every editor we hire is a native English speaker who can effectively edit and proofread documents in US or UK English. Providing high-quality editing and proofreading services that are fast and affordable is our goal.

You can be confident that Editor World is the best editing and proofreading service for you. We assist professors and students, businesses, organizations, writers, and others in Cyprus who want to perfect their written documents. Editor World’s services allow you to display your expertise in each document you present, whether it is a book, journal article, manuscript, blog post, website, business proposal, marketing campaign, or another type of document.

At Editor World, we have more than 45 professional editors for you to choose from when you are ready to get started! Click the link below to view available professional editors. After registering as a client, you can contact individual editors directly, request a free sample edit, or submit a request for editing. We look forward to working with you – thank you for considering us!


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If you still have questions about our writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading services, please contact us or try our free sample edit service. We recommend requesting a free sample edit and communicating with your selected editor or writer through our internal messaging system before purchasing writing, editing, and proofreading services. Click below to request a free sample edit. We are happy to answer any questions and can provide a certificate of editing by a native English speaker.


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