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Editor World's January 2020 Writing Challenge

Editor World is offering a January 2020 Writing Challenge for clients and writers around the world. Individuals who complete the challenge by writing for 30 minutes and posting their experience each day in January will be entered for a chance to win a Barnes & Noble gift card or $100 toward editing services with Editor World. The purpose of the January 2020 Writing Challenge is to encourage writers to start 2020 with a habit of daily writing, moving steadily toward their writing goals.


Day 1 of the Writing Challenge starts with participants writing about the basics of their project, including:

  1. What - what project would you like to focus on for January 2020? Do you have a book project you’ve been wanting to finish, want to start writing daily blog posts, have a desire to start journaling regularly, or have another writing project that interests you? Define your project on the first day to help you focus during your daily writing sessions.
  2. Where - what space will work best for you to write for 30 uninterrupted minutes? Do you have a favorite spot in your house where you like to write? Is there a coffee shop where you feel inspired and the writing seems to flow? Think about where you feel the most inspired and productive, and also consider whether it will be easy to get to that space every day for 30 minutes.
  3. When - when will you be able to write for 30 minutes, and what time of day would be most productive for you? When can you schedule 30 minutes of uninterrupted writing in your day? Do you have quiet time in the morning, or does your “writing brain” turn on in the afternoon? Try to find a time that will work the majority of days to create a routine.
  4. Why - why do you want to focus on this particular type of writing? Do you want to publish your book to help others, do you want to increase your website’s SEO ranking by blogging daily, do you want to develop professional documents for your business, or do you simply want to write in your journal to help you relax? Figuring out the “why” can help you focus each day and can serve as motivation on those days when you’re feeling stagnant.
  5. Who - who is this writing for, or who is the audience (yourself, a particular type of reader, family, etc.)? Will you be sharing this project with others, or will the writing be for you? If your goal is to publish your work, think about the particular audience to guide your writing style. For example, your tone would be different if you were writing in a journal, writing for an academic audience, publishing a nonfiction book, publishing a fiction book, writing for your business, or writing for your blog.

About Editor World's Writing Challenge

Editor World’s January 2020 Writing Challenge is for any individual interested in establishing a regular writing practice. Projects that writers will be working on during the challenge include any and every type of writing, including academic papers, research papers, dissertations, journal articles, book manuscripts, business documents, newsletters, journals, blog posts, and others. To  learn more and join the Editor World: Proofreading Services | Editing Services January 2020 Writing Challenge, visit Editor World's Facebook Event for the Writing Challenge.