Writing, Editing, & Proofreading Services in London, England

Writing, Editing, & Proofreading Services in London

Prices for Editing and Proofreading Services


Fast, reliable editing and proofreading services.

Editor World is a  top editing and proofreading service for professionals in London, England and around the globe. London professionals rely on Editor World’s  editing and proofreading services to save time when preparing important written documents. The documents and correspondence you present to others influence your professional and personal reputation, so it’s important to proofread documents before presenting them to others. From the Thames River to Kensington Palace and from Watford to Croydon, residents of London rely on Editor World’s  fast, affordable editing services for a variety of documents. Call +44 20 3834 9578 or email us at info@editorworld.com with any questions.


Fast, Affordable Editing and Proofreading Services


Editing and proofreading services help writers and other professionals finalize important documents. If you need help editing and proofreading business documents, academic manuscripts, a personal document or email, or something else, we can help. We are an American company that only hires native English speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. All editors have passed a stringent test on editing and proofreading skills and our team has decades of experience providing editing and proofreading services.


Editor World’s prices for editing and proofreading services are transparent, and we provide an  instant price calculator so you can easily decide which turnaround time and price point is best for you. Our platform also allows you to choose the professional editor who edits your document. You can contact your professional editor directly through our internal message system.


Prices for Editing and Proofreading


Top editing and proofreading service in London, England.

As the best American editing and proofreading service, Editor World can help you improve any written material you create. Using our professional editing and proofreading services gives you a guarantee that your writing will be impressive. Our professional editors can help you improve every document you write, regardless of the length, topic, purpose, format, or content.


  • Professors, postdocs, researchers, and students at Imperial College London, University College London, King’s College London, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary University of London, and other universities in the London, England area use  Editor World to develop clearly written documents they can be confident presenting to others. We guarantee that every journal manuscript, research paper, book manuscript, statement of purpose, school assignment, newsletter, blog, or other academic document is clear, concise, and easily understood by the audience.


  • If you are an entrepreneur starting a business in Bank or Bethnal Green, trying to obtain new clients throughout the London, England area, or applying for a job in England, the UK, or abroad, Editor World is here to help you perfect your business and personal materials. Executives, entrepreneurs, companies, and other business professionals in the London, England area are regular users of Editor World when they need to improve business documents. Editor World’s fast, affordable editing and proofreading services help you eliminate embarrassing errors when presenting important business documents.


  • London residents who speak Polish, Spanish, French, or another language as their first language use Editor World’s professional editing and proofreading services to ensure that every English document is clearly written, grammatically correct, and free of errors. The professional editing team at Editor World edits documents for writers in more than 60 countries around the globe. Our clients include academic faculty, researchers, students, businesses, organizations, and ESL writers in the London, England area.


  • The professional editors at Editor World are native English speakers with decades of experience. Our editors can assist you with making final improvements to any document written in English. The documents we edit include, but are not limited to, business materials, academic papers, book manuscripts, nonfiction and fiction manuscripts, personal correspondence, newsletters, emails, and more. When you submit your documents for editing to Editor World, you can be confident that we will provide fast, affordable editing and proofreading services that leave you completely satisfied. When your document is finalized, you will be proud of the document you have created with help from our editing team.


  • Do you have a quickly approaching deadline that you need to meet? Do your documents need to be edited  now? Try our same-day editing services, which include a 2-hour editing service, a 4-hour editing service, and an 8-hour editing service. Submit your document now and take a well-earned break while we quickly improve your document.


Choose Your Professional Editor


Our professional editors are native English speakers.

At Editor World, all editors on our team are native English speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada. We review the credentials of every applicant and require successful completion of an editing and proofreading skills test before adding any editor to our team. Our editors have decades of experience providing English editing and proofreading services.


Our editors can edit documents following US or UK English. Our team of professional editors is highly skilled and focused on providing high-quality editing services for individuals in the London, England area and around the globe. Providing exceptional customer service for every client is also important to us.


Editor World is the preferred editing and proofreading service for businesses, organizations, professors, researchers, scientists, writers, executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals in the London, England area. Our variety of turnaround times helps you meet important deadlines, and our professional editing and proofreading services allow you to easily demonstrate your expertise. The process is simple: upload your document, select a turnaround time, complete payment, and take a well-earned rest while we perfect your document.


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English editing and proofreading services for you.

With headquarters located in the United States, Editor World strives to provide exceptional editing and proofreading services and customer service for every client in the London, England area and around the globe. If you want to contact a professional editor before purchasing editing and proofreading services, we are happy to help!  Register for a client account to request a free sample edit or contact an editor with questions. We love to help our clients perfect their written documents!


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