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Rates for Book Editing & Proofreading Services

The rates for book editing services can vary dramatically depending on the level of editing provided by an editor, the number of rounds of editing and/or proofreading included, and the person or company providing book editing services. Other things that influence book editing rates are the length or word count of your book manuscript and how fast the book editor will return your edited manuscript. Some book editing services separate the types of editing provided based on content editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Book editing services may also charge different prices based on the type of book manuscript, such as whether you are submitting a fiction book versus a nonfiction book manuscript.


Some online book editing services base their rates on the manuscript word count, while others charge by the total number of pages, and often consider 250 to 300 words to be one page. If you choose a book editing service that charges per page, you want to verify how many words they consider to be one page. Some book editing services charge different prices for turnaround times ranging from a certain number of days to several weeks or even months, while others will charge a flat rate regardless of the turnaround time or deadline.


You always need to verify how the book editor you choose sets prices so you clearly understand the total cost before you get started. Book editing rates will generally be higher at editing companies that specialize in book manuscript editing as compared with finding a freelance editor to review your book manuscript. According to the Editorial Freelancers Association, copyediting a fiction manuscript costs $36-40 per hour, or $.02-.029 per word, while a nonfiction manuscript costs $41-45 per hour, or $.03-.039 per word. The prices for proofreading are slightly lower—from $31-35 per hour for fiction book manuscripts and $36-40 per hour for nonfiction book manuscripts. The rates for editing a nonfiction book manuscript are higher because they often require the book editor to complete additional tasks, such as fact checking. These costs are only a point of reference as of January 2022. You will need to work with individual online editing services to get information on their current rates and policies. offers fiction and nonfiction book editing services and bases the cost for book editing services on total word count. As of January 2022, the cost to edit a book manuscript is $0.019 per word. Our book editing rates are completely transparent and we provide an instant price calculator. Our rates for book editing are based on one round of copyediting. Our platform for book editing services allows you to choose the best book editor for your needs based on our editor profiles that provide information on previous client reviews and the editor’s areas of expertise.


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