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Types of Editing Defined

Professional editing is an important part of publishing, whether it is online or print content. To ensure your finished copy is as polished as possible, it’s vital to enlist different types of editing. From published authors to business CEOs to online marketers, everyone can benefit from the many types of editing we offer. This post will explain the different types of editing we provide and how it can bring your writing to the next level.


What Editing Services Does Editor World Offer?

Editor World can handle all the types of editing needs you may have. Whether it’s a large or small job, we will manage it with professionalism and accuracy. We offer same-day editing if it stays within the word limits for this service. Our professional editing service ensures you will have your content error-free for publication. Take a look at some of our specific types of editing listed below:


Book Editing & Proofreading Services

One of the types of editing you may require is book editing. When you hire someone to perform book editing, they will help you with developmental editing and line editing. During developmental editing, the editor will review the entire manuscript to see how the content is developed. They will provide feedback about structure, storyline, and content. 


Next, they will do line editing, which improves word choice, checks for active voice, and ensures there are no awkward sentences. At Editor World, we handle all fiction and non-fiction works.


Proofreading Services

When you enlist someone to do professional editing & proofreading on your content, you can expect them to proofread your document. What is proofreading? The proofreading definition is scanning your content for errors such as spelling mistakes, formatting problems, grammar mistakes, or punctuation errors. Proofreading is usually the last step before your work goes to the publisher, so it’s vital to have someone skilled at handling this job.


Academic Editing Services

When hiring someone to do academic editing, you are best served by a professional editing service. The reason it’s crucial to have a professional edit your academic work is that they will need to have familiarity with the source material. It’s not the same as copy editing or even developmental editing. Academic material is often at a college level, and the editor may need to do some research to ensure they maintain the content’s meaning.


Same-Day Editing and Proofreading

When you hire someone to do same-day editing services, you have peace of mind knowing that you can get your work online or published right away. Editor World offers the following turnaround times for same-day editing that meets the word limit requirements:

  • 2-hour editing
  • 4-hour editing
  • 8-hour editing


Same-day editing is available for all types of content you may have, such as academic papers, business documents, journal articles, emails or letters, short stories, and more. Our professional editing team will review your work, providing careful line editing, copy editing, and proofreading. If you require suggestions to improve the content’s flow, structure, or clarity, our developmental editing staff can tackle that for you — all within the same-day editing window.


Check with us about how many hours your project may take if you think you’ll need additional editing, such as developmental editing. 


Make sure your work is publish-ready by getting one of our many types of editing. Our staff at Editor World is here to assist you with whatever project you have. Get more information about our services by contacting us today. Also, all new customers will receive a free 300-word edit when they book with an editor. Find out more by booking an editor today!