5 Reasons to Outsource Proofreading | Proofreaders Services

Five Reasons to Outsource Your Proofreading Needs

  1. A professional proofreading service can help you develop clear, error-free documents at every level of your organization. Editing and proofreading professionals can help any business in need of well-written documents.
  2. Experienced document proofreaders help your organization’s members to create well-written, professional documents while your employees focus on core tasks.
  3. You pay a professional proofreader only when you need to have a document (or multiple documents) proofread, and don’t need to pay an editor or proofreader during those times when you don’t have editing and proofreading work to be completed.
  4. You benefit from a centralized payment system. Your authorized employees can use the prepaid funds in your corporate account to submit documents that require proofreading. The cost of proofreading the document is deducted from your corporate account balance.
  5. Your employees can find a proofreader they like to work with and develop a working relationship with that proofreader. The proofreader can better understand and meet the needs of your employee because of that relationship.


Corporate Account with Editor World is a payment method for outsourcing professional editing and proofreading services. This allows your organization to utilize our on-demand, personal editing team by giving your employees prepaid funds for editing services.


When you open a corporate account, first make a deposit by signing into your account at Editor World: Writing, Editing, & Proofreading Services and clicking on the "Credit" link in your Company Console. Click on “Add Credit” to make your initial deposit. Next, add any authorized users to your account. Those authorized users will receive a link to register via email. Please note that you should not distribute your corporate account password—the corporate account is only for the manager of the corporate account, and employees authorized to use your account funds will have their own login username and password.