How to Find the Right Developmental Editor


Your finished writing will be more polished when you invest in a good developmental editing team. Whether you are preparing a business document or a work of fiction, developmental editing can ensure you have a polished draft prepared for final publishing. With the various types of editing available, you may be wondering — what is developmental editing? Let’s take a closer look at the details of developmental editing and how using this type of editing for your work will make it shine.


What Is Developmental Editing?

Developmental editing involves a thorough and comprehensive review of your content. Whether it is a book, short story, business email, marketing document, advertisement, resume, or academic paper, an editor will ensure it is free of all mistakes. You can count on this type of editing to review the structure and flow of your content.


Developmental editing will assist with the main development of your idea, theme, or story so that it is structurally sound. You may have an excellent idea, and you’ve jotted down your thoughts as they flowed. Your draft contains all the “meat and potatoes” of good content, but it needs tightening up and better organizational flow. That is where developmental editing comes in to help.


What Does Developmental Editing Cover?

The types of editing included in developmental editing are as follows:

  • Provide feedback focused on the “big picture” of your content (versus the small details)
  • Give insight about style and how to make the piece stronger
  • Advise about any potential problems with a storyline or negative characterizations
  • Point out plot issues, clichés, or overused phrases
  • Show you places that may have too much fluff or filler


How to Choose a Developmental Editor

Use these tips to find the right developmental editor:


Do Your Research

It’s critical to interview your prospective editor. You can ask them questions about exactly what services they will provide, their timeframe for completion, and how you can communicate effectively with them. Use the options listed on the Editor World editors page to choose what’s best for you.


Check References

Make sure you check out the editor’s credentials and any online reviews they may have. Checking out references is important even for virtual work.


Get a Free Sample Edit

Nothing helps you know if you will love a developmental editor more than seeing a sample of their work. With Editor World, you can get a free 300-word sample edit when you book an editor as a new customer. This allows you to get a feel for the editor and how they work.


Developmental Editing Service Rates

Working with a developmental editor is both affordable and practical. It allows you to have an improved copy of your work quickly and at reasonable rates. At Editor World, our editing service rates offer quality and affordability. Our rates are as follows:

  • 2-hour editing (150 to 1,500 words) - $0.047 per word
  • 4-hour editing (200 to 2,500 words) - $0.045 per word
  • 8-hour editing (200 to 4,500 words) - $0.043 per word
  • 1-day editing (250 to 8,500 words) - $0.033 per word
  • 2-day editing (750 to 15,000 words) - $0.031 per word
  • 3-day editing (1,200 to 25,000 words) - $0.029 per word
  • 5-day editing (4,000 to 36,000 words) - $0.023 per word
  • 7-day editing (9,000 to 37,500 words) - $0.019 per word
  • >7-day editing (>34,500 words) - $0.017 per word

Take the first step in making your writing stand out from the rest. Enlist the help of developmental editing from Editor World. Get in touch with us today to find out how new customers can get a free 300-word edit sample.