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    Editor World: Editing Services | Proofreading Services is a top provider of English editing and proofreading services in Sweden. Proofreading is an essential component when preparing any written document. The professional editing and proofreading services at EditorWorld.com help academic professors, researchers, graduate students, writers, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and authors in Sweden, from Malmo to Kiruna, perfect every type of written document. At Editor World, choose your editor based on credentials and previous client ratings and reviews. Clients can communicate with the selected editor throughout the editing process. Our prices are transparent, and we provide fast, affordable editing and proofreading services without sacrificing quality. All our editors are native English speakers and we have editors available 24/7!


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    Editor World is the top choice for professional proofreading services in Sweden. We provide editing and proofreading services for writers around Sweden as well as around the globe. We edit a wide range of English documents, and have an editor to help you perfect your document.

    • For academic faculty at universities, including assistant professors, associate professors, and professors, having clear, concise academic documents is crucial. This helps readers more easily understand your research and improves your chances of publishing your work. We love helping Swedish scholars move forward in their career. Our editing and proofreading services help researchers, scholars, and students at Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Uppsala University, Stockholm University, University of Gothenburg, and the Royal Institute of Technology present their academic papers in a professional manner.


    • Book authors who will be submitting their work to an agent and authors who will be self publishing look to Editor World to finalize their book drafts. We help Swedish authors get their books into presentable form, increasing the chance of finding an agent or another route to publication.


    • Businesses and employees need to present documents that are professional in order to impress potential clients, employees, and business partners. Editor World’s professional editors make sure all business documents presented by clients are flawless. Our clients include Swedish business professionals in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, and other cities and regions as well as clients throughout Europe and around the world.


    • Although engelska is spoken by many in Sweden, it can be a challenge for non-native speakers (and native speakers alike) to edit and proofread their own work. Our professional editors are here to perfect all your written documents.



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    Editor World has more than 50 expert editors.

    Each editor who provides editing services through Editor World’s editing and proofreading services company must meet the education requirements, have editing and proofreading experience, and successfully pass a rigorous editing and proofreading test. All editors are native English speakers. There is no substitute for having a qualified human review your written documents.


    Editor World is a top provider of academic editing services, book editing services, corporate editing services, ESL editing services, and proofreading services. Professors, researchers, students, authors, professionals, and other writers use our editing and proofreading services frequently, and more than 65% of clients use our services regularly. Clients also love our same-day editing and proofreading services.


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    At Editor World, we encourage you to request a free sample from a few of our professional editors to help you find the best fit for your work. Submit up to 300 words of your document along with information on the total word count of the file to be submitted for paid editing.


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